$99 Unlimited Bikram Yoga Monthly Membership

Our Direct Debit Membership means you can practice yoga for $99 per month, that’s less than $25 a week to practice Bikram Yoga as many times as you like. Our monthly plans are affordable with one easy direct debit from your bank account or credit card.

By coming 3 or more times a week you will see changes in your practice, mind & body.

Under the $99 Direct Debit Membership classes cost approximately:

  • 2 classes per week: approx $12 per class
  • 3 classes per week: approx: $8 per class
  • 4 classes per week: approx: $6 per class
  • 5 class per week: less than $5 per class


*A minimum commitment of 3 months is required for Direct Debit Memberships. To purchase Direct Debit online ONLY your credit card can be used. If you wish to use your bank details for Direct Debit please see us at Reception and fill in the forms. 

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