Anzac Day Schedule

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Class times for this Wednesday April 25 are 7.30am and 4.30pm.

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Craig Villani Class

Remember this Sunday April 1st is “comprehensive class” with Craig Villani. The cost is $35 for an extended class (up to 2 1/2 hours) starting at 9.30am…..come along you’ll love it!!!

Benn and Maddy

The Gabba Gazette – March Edition

March edition

 The Gabba Gazette

Happy New Year Yogis!  Although we’re in March it’s never too late to start resolutions; so why not amp-up your Bikram practice?  Rain, hail or shine Bikram Yoga the Gabba has remained and continues to remain open!  Mother Nature will not prevent us from locking our knees! 

Bikram Beauties.

Thank you to Brandy Winfield  the reigning world champion, for conducting an advanced class at BYTG on Sunday February 20.  Not only did she demonstrate strength, flexibility, and wonderful poise, she shared her wealth of knowledge helping many elevate their individual practice. 

 Brandy was assisted by two US state champions Hillary Stein and Cristine Roberts.  Cristine taught the 9.30am beginners class – to a packed room!  She was very inspiring and the energy in the room was incredible.

  The Archer Special

 Regarding Maddy’s belly bump – she is carrying a boy.  His name is Archer after Arjuna the great warrior and peerless archer of the Mahabharata – an epic of Ancient India.  So good was Arjuna at his archery that he was often referred to as “Jishnu” – the undefeatable.  To celebrate Archer we will offer a special – one month unlimited yoga for $100.00.  The special is open to everyone and can be tacked onto an existing membership package.  This special will only be available for 48 hours immediately following Archer’s arrival.  So keep your eyes peeled! 

Guru Dronacharya decided to test his students in their skill of archery. He hung a wooden bird from the branch of a tree and then summoned his students. He asked the first one to aim for the bird’s eye but not shoot just yet. He then asked the student what the student could see. The student replied that he could see the garden, the tree, flowers, etc. Drona asked him to step aside and not shoot. He repeated the same process with a few other students. When it was Arjuna’s turn, Arjuna told his Guru that the only thing he could see was the bird’s eye. This satisfied the Guru and he allowed Arjuna to shoot the bird. The lesson here is the power of focus. 


It’s normal for us as students to have favourite teachers – always keep an open-mind though – and take something from each teacher’s class.  Everyone has something positive to offer!  We are always open to questions about the yoga and your practice.  Please feel free to accost us and question us at any time. 

Budding Teachers

Lachlan Campbell and Marie Schaefer are two very dedicated yogis who’ve decided to take the next step!  They’ve committed to the next Bikram’s Teacher Training to be held in LA starting in April.  Conducted by Bikram, his wife Rajashree and their band of senior teachers – this nine-week course is intensive and extensive!  

The course includes two classes a day, four hours of posture clinic daily, lectures on health, anatomy and physiology plus midnight lectures on yogic philosophy often ending between 2am and 5am….plus so much more.  Although challenging, teacher training is life-changing and beautiful!  For nine weeks you live in a yoga bubble practicing and connecting with 300 other like-minded individuals.  Never will you laugh, cry and learn as much as you do under Bikram’s tutelage.  We all wish Lachie and Marie the very best on their journey!


 We have recycling! When you have empty water-bottles or coconut water cartons please crush them and place them in the rubbish bins next to the fridge in reception.  Save the bins in the change-rooms for small non-recyclable items.  Thank you for your help.

New Teacher

Bikram Yoga the Gabba welcomes Sandy Millies to Brisbane.  Sandy is a very experienced teacher who brings humility and compassion to her classes.  Sandy completed her teacher training in the fall of 2004 and spent the next seven years teaching in America, namely Michigan.  For the previous two years Sandy has been living and teaching in Singapore.  We’re lucky to have her expertise for the month of March.

Dear Dan, The Authentic Futon Man, thank you!

How could you have not noticed our brand, spanking, new shoe rack and matching stool?  It was designed and hand-crafted by Dan Walker of Authentic Futons.  Not only is Dan an avid practitioner here, he also makes amazingly comfortable Japanese futons (trust us we have one!) and custom designed furniture.  You can visit his website at


Thank you very much to Julie Harradine and Frank Agerbeek for joining our Angel team.  Julie and Frank  help to keep BY the Gabba clean and tidy.  Their presence is greatly appreciated!  There is still a couple of spaces available for Angels – so if your interested in lending a helping hand in exchange for free yoga please speak to reception.


New Weekend Classes

Hi Everyone

Beginning on Saturday September 4 we are adding a 9.30am class on Saturday AND Sunday mornings. So if you enjoy a weekend sleep in, there’s still the chance to get your Bikram Yoga fix!!!!


Benn and Maddy

Tickets selling fast!!

Less than two weeks to go until Rajashree Choudhury’s first ever Brisbane Seminar…..!!!! Tickets are sellling fast, come to the hot room and get yours quickly before we sell out.


Benn and Maddy