Staff Profiles

All our teachers are passionate, knowledgeable and experienced with Bikram Yoga completing a 9-week course internationally. Every person that attends a Bikram Yoga class will have a different experience and our teachers can discuss with you any concerns. Feeling apprehensive before you enter the room, or perhaps you feel nausea in your stomach or  finding new muscles and pains in your body, THIS IS ALL NORMAL! Should you have any concerns please discuss with one of our friendly teachers. They will be more than happy to assist you in anyway possible.

Each of our teachers have a magical story about why Bikram Yoga is special to them and what prompted them to embark on their 9-week teacher training journey. Whether it be to help with weight loss, improve their flexibility and strength, deal with anxiety and depression or improve back pain, our instructors are just like you! See below to read their stories.


benn-3Before taking the plunge into the world of Bikram Yoga, I spent 20 years involved with elite level water polo as a player and a coach. I worked as Assistant Coach of the Australian Men’s water polo team, which allowed me to travel all over the world, including the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. Despite the experiences there was something missing in my life, a hole that coaching couldn’t fill.

A great friend bought me a gift pass to Bikram Yoga in Brisbane as a birthday present. Walking into the room with years of weight training, swimming and competitive sport in my body, I thought yoga was just an easy stretch, a piece of cheesecake! Twenty minutes later, my whole body was burning and my mind was screaming for help. There was no escape. I had to keep battling through as you can’t leave the room. Lying in savasana at the end of my first class, dazed and confused, yet surprisingly relaxed and calm, I couldn’t figure out what had just happened.  Driving home, my body felt the best it had in years and my mind was as clear as the cloudless, starry night. I had been bitten by the Bikram bug, there was no turning back.

Seven months later, on my way back to Australia after a soul searching five week trip to Europe, USA and Canada (which included Bikram Yoga at each stop); I decided to become an instructor. Resigning from my job as Head Coach of the Queensland Academy of Sport Water Polo program the day I returned to Brisbane, I booked a plane ticket to LA to join the Bikram Yoga Teaching Training program. Since graduating, I have taught in many studio’s all over the world, including full time positions in Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Phuket and Mumbai.


MadelineI’m very grateful for Bikram and his yoga because it has helped me in all areas of living. I’m healthier, stronger and more balanced. It’s also improved my ability to remain calm, focused and confident.

I practiced my first class at 21 when my primary concerns were socialising, and my job was a long-haul flight attendant.  I started because I wanted flexibility, nothing more.  Initially I wasn’t hooked but something inside of me kept propelling me into Bikram’s torture chamber and slowly I recognised the more I practiced the better I felt.  Although seemingly glamorous – flying was anything but!  Pushing a cart in high heels, trying to maintain immaculate make-up, combating irregular sleeping and eating habits, lack of fresh oxygen, swollen joints and bloated internal organs wasn’t always the most fun.  However, unlike my cabin crew friends who regularly called in sick due to the affects of jet lag, I never took a day off work and I attribute this to Bikram – the best health maintenance tool.

I trust Bikram and his yoga implicitly.  I’m motivated to teach because I know that Bikram yoga really helps people in a myriad of different ways.


amandaI stepped into the hot room for one reason only; I wanted and needed to lose weight! And I did. I started practicing Bikram Yoga in November 2010 and haven’t looked back. In total I have lost around 18kgs from Bikram Yoga and I find with a regular practice I can now easily manage my weight. Nearly four years on I can’t believe the change in my postures, body and mind directly from Bikram Yoga. Every class I struggle but I come out after 90 minutes of sweat and pain feeling all the better for it.

I am very grateful I had the opportunity to attend  Teacher Training in April 2013 to be able to share this yoga practice with others. I am incredibly passionate about the Bikram Yoga series and think everyone should practice this yoga, there is so much to gain. Yes, classes are hard. Yes, you will struggle. But Yes, you will change your whole outlook on life, feel better and improve your health. My immune system is stronger, my cholesterol is down, my skin is clearer, I eat chocolate and don’t feel guilty and my back can do some killer back bends! I have never felt better in my whole life. I am so glad I never gave up in the beginning.


1011917_10151410122666750_1287582314_nMy friend and I spontaneously decided to try a Bikram Yoga class in early 2010. Neither of us really knew anything about Bikram yoga apart from the fact that it would be hot, but I didn’t think it would be too hot for me to handle! I was wrong! I remember feeling dizzy, nauseous, stiff, uncomfortable, self conscious and a little bit silly as I was dressed in long sweat pants and an oversized t-shirt! The class was torturous and as much as I huffed and puffed and struggled wobbling on one leg, I was determined to try every posture and not give up too easily. After that class, I remember walking out of the studio feeling confused, as much as I didn’t love the whole 90 minute experience at all, my body was buzzing, my mind was clear, I felt relaxed and something made me want to go back and try it again!!

I started to practice a few times a week and then after several months I decided to sign up for a 60 day challenge! This allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and gain a deeper understanding of the practice, improve my postures and appreciate the benefits of the Yoga when practiced daily. Bikram Yoga has had a wonderful impact on my life, not only does the yoga help me look and feel physically stronger, mentally I feel happier, more focused, balanced, determined, confident and above all it has helped me to manage a long struggle with anxiety and panic attacks.

It didn’t take me long to realise that I wanted to become a Bikram Yoga Teacher, I wanted to share this amazing yoga and help others live a better life and reach their full potential. I took the plunge and attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles! One of the hardest and most rewarding experiences of my life! I graduated in Spring 2013. Never in my dreams did I believe that I could stand up in front of a classroom of students and teach a 90 minute class! Now I believe that anything is possible and I’m so excited to be starting my new journey as a teacher!

I love the fact that each time I practice a Bikram Yoga class it never gets easier, I always feel challenged in the hot room! See you in class soon! Cat.


1017392_10151783432437835_1797935546_nIt’s unreal to be writing this blurb, I’m a Bikram Yoga teacher ! It was 5yrs between my first class and the second class, but I’m here writing this blurb, so anything is possible. My second class was at the beautiful Bikram Yoga Studio North Brisbane in 2010 and I  never stopped coming. This is a place where I have yoga family and call a home now. In class I’m always having a  good struggle with my mind and body, but the feeling after class is amazing, something like a natural high. This yoga has created a healthy balance in my life, clarity, healed my body and continues to heal my body from sports injuries .

This yoga has taught me so much about myself, there is no winning or losing, there is just learning and practicing yoga  and that’s what I Love about it . This yoga very quickly became a significant part of my life and I decided to take the leap into Teacher Training Spring 2013. This may be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done , but incredibly rewarding at the same time. And I still ask myself , how did I get through the 9 weeks again ?

This yoga has created so many opportunities outside the room, opened up my body inside the room, empowered my mind and excites me think what is ahead. What I appreciate about this yoga the most, is when I go to yoga I get the honest truth from myself , from my fellow teachers and the room.

See you in the hot room soon, come and get your yoga groove on and see the power of this yoga !

Love Sandy


529625_10151468982698122_1452969223_n1When I first met Bikram yoga, I was a full time stay at home mum…having 3 children under age of 4 is a lot of work…a lot of noise in the house, dealing with  toddlers tantrums, chasing after them, it’s non stop, 24 hours a day.Frankly I needed  time out from everything.Just a little bit of peace for myself.

So I opened the door to find  at Bikram yoga Geelong  in 2009…well I couldn’t find  peace in the class at all, I struggled for the whole 90 mins, kept thinking whats wrong with these people? How can people enjoy this torture?? But after the class, doing the last savasana, I found the most peaceful moment for the first time in a long time.
So I kept going back to the hot room, 3 times a week, 5 times a week…

People asked me, ” you are here everyday, when are you going to a teacher training?? I used to say “oh kids are still too little…maybe one day…” Then it was my husband to push my back, ‘it’s time for you to do something for yourself, I will be Mr Mum for 9 weeks” I never forget what he said to me.

I attended teacher training in 2011, and I have been teaching since then. I love my job, love watching students to grow from inside out, physically and mentally.

I believe that practicing bikram yoga makes me a better person, better mum and better wife.